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Quickly House Cleaning

Quickly House Cleaning Services

Quickly House Cleaning Services

“We as Menage total  specialize in quality Quickly House Cleaning  so that you can rest knowing your QUICKLY HOUSE is in safe hands”We offer quality home cleaning in Montreal, Laval, and all nearby areas in Greater Montreal at the best prices. Our staff is trained to clean with the utmost courtesy to details and to work efficiently with quality cleaning methods. Our consumer absolutely loves our services as our mission is to simply surpass their expectations.

Our cleaning services include-

  • Maid and Cleaning Lady Services
  • Detailed Cleaning Services
  • Spring Cleaning and Summer Cleaning
  • Moving in and out Cleaning
  • Post Renovation Cleaning
  • After and before Party and Events Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Floor waxing

Here’s why we overtake others!

  1. Simple pricing plan and super easy to book our services! No difficulties and no hidden fees.
  2. We match our cleaners to the right client by measuring the client’s specific needs, preferred time slots and geographical proximity. When you order our recurrence packages, we will make sure you get the same cleaner so she will be conversant with your place and your requirements.
  3. Ovens, Fridge, clothes wash… We will clean accessories based on your request, all you need to do is let our cleaning lady know about your needs. There is no extra costs for this!  
  4. Last minute and extra time? If you want to spread the maid’s time that you had booked, then no worries, we will accommodate you as much as possible!

Here are some of the specifics we will cover when you order our services:

    All Rooms Cleaning 
    – Neat the room (pickup items from floor)
    – Modification bed sheets and make beds
    – Empty and replace bins 
    – Dust all, including frames, spots, 
    – Vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors, mats rug and stairs and underneath items
    – Vacuum equipment
    – Clean surfaces and glasses
    – add-ons if needed
    – Clean and shine all appliance exteriors, range hood and sink.
    – Clean stove surface, burner grilles, control knows
    – Clean and disinfect countertops and all surfaces
    – Vacuum and wash grounds
    – Clean and clean cabinets
    – Clean glasses and chrome
    – vacuum and wash floors
    – Sanitize all surfaces
    – Clean, sanitize + scrub bathtubs, showers, sinks+ toilets
    – Clean vanities, cabinet fronts and backsplashes
    – dust and clean any shelves within reach

Move in/out Cleaning/Helping

Moving, Buying or letting a place? Book our service so you can move in or out to a clean situation worry free. 
    All rooms
        – Vacuum and mop all floors, rugs and tiles
        – Wash walls

        – Clean in and out all the toilet, sinks, bathtub and sprays and sanitize it
        – Clean glasses and inside shelves
        – Clean inside any empty cupboard
        – clean the walls 
        – Vacuum and mop floors , tiles and rugs

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